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The Jeffrey & Geraldine Underhill Grant

2024 Applications now open!

Funding up to $10,000 for infrastructure

The Jeffrey and Geraldine Underhill Grants program is funded
by a generous donation from local philanthropists Jeffrey and Geraldine Underhill. The grant supports applications up to $10,000 for small infrastructure upgrades and contributions towards major infrastructure projects in the Redlands. The Grant has an annual pool of $70,000.

The Jeffrey and Geraldine Underhill Community Grants Program may fund the following types of projects:

  • Minor facility improvements including furniture fit outs and building upgrades that lead to greater use of a community facility.
  • Assets which enhance an organisation’s service delivery capacity, including specialised equipment, display material, musical, sporting or safety equipment.
  • Small infrastructure projects that enhance an organisations service delivery capacity, including specialised equipment.
  • Part funding towards major infrastructure, including the extension of current facilities, field Ian McDougall Memorial Grant Jefferey and Geraldine Underhill Grant
    lighting etc.

Current Application Acquittals:

For past recipients still to acquit past applications:


“We have been the proud recipient of funding on multiple occasions through the Jeffrey and Geraldine Underhill Community Grants Program. Thanks to the Foundation, we had the opportunity to launch a Social enterprise boutique shop – Button Jar Collective – that helps raise income for our programs. Through this grant funding we were able to completely renovate and fit out a space for this project.”

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